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Fleetcom created our PTT (Push To Talk) application in 2015, to provide a totally secure platform for voice and date communications.

We offer Canada-wide coverage to all users of Fleetcom PTT Plus, and Global Roaming is available as an option.  This platform meets the highest levels of voice encryption and our Canada-based, redundant servers ensure complete data security. 


Key Features Offered by the Fleetcom PTT Plus App:

• Totally secure voice & data communications  

• One-to-One or Group calling - FAST

• Deploy our devices or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

• Use the Fleetcom App from ANY Smartphone or Tablet

• Dispatch Consoles from PC's, Laptops & Tablets 

• Canada-based Servers ensure Voice & Data Security

• Live Location Tracking

Additional Available Features for Fleetcom PTT Plus Clients

• Canada Wide Coverage (Global Roaming available as an option)

• Fully Managed Service ("on the fly" name changes, new activations,

   de-activations, group access permissions and more)

• Maintenance Plan on Fleetcom PTT Plus devices, covering all repairs

• Optional full GPS Tracking with Reporting

• No contracts required

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Ask about our Contract Free Handshake Deals

Fleetcom PTT Plus Products & Dispatch Console


SONIM XP8 Rugged Smartphone

• Industry leading Rugged Performance Standards

• 5" Touchscreen that is "glove friendly"

• Hear and communicate clearly - in any mode

• High Capacity Lithium Ion battery

• Easy, fumble-free keys for error free usage

• Dedicated OneTouch PTT for quick communications

• Built-in GPS for location services

• Dedicated SOS emergency button

• Industrial grade accessories available


TELO Systems M5 Mobile LTE Radio

• Easily installed in vehicles or dispatch centres

• Rugged PTT palm microphone

• Highly sensitive built-in antenna

• Large LCD screen with optional map function

• Optional SOS emergency button

• Equipped with full HD 2MP camera

• Bluetooth compatible with optional headsets  


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SONIM XP5S Portable LTE Radio

• Ultra-Rugged Device (IP68)

• Simple user controls

• High Capacity Lithium Ion battery

• Extra loud audio

• Dedicated push-to-talk button

• Built-in GPS for location services

• Dedicated SOS emergency button

• Industrial grade accessories available


Fleetcom PTT Plus Dispatch Console

A Dispatch Application can be installed on any Windows Laptop, Tablet or PC with an internet connection, microphone & speaker

Easily and quickly see the locations of all the users in your fleet and create group broadcasts "on the fly"

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The Fleetcom PTT plus application on an Android Tablet

Fleetcom IOT Devices: Asset Monitoring and Tracking

As IoT devices and technology continues to evolve we are able to offer a host of new, cost-effective services such as remote asset monitoring and tracking. Below is just one example of that.


Tortoise battery powered GPS Tacking device. As small as 3.5" x 5.5" in size.


Securely mounted on any asset.

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Not only can we track the location or distance the asset has traveled but how full it is as well.

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