We Service What We Sell

At Lakeshore Communications we take great pride in supporting and servicing the products that we sell.  We have a full-service repair facility in Toronto, and we support a wide array of manufacturers and countless devices.  


We know that communications products can often be the "lifeline" of your business, and we make every effort to resolve any repair issues you may have, just as soon as possible.

Additional Support and Services We Offer

We can help investigate any issues you may have with your existing radio communications system, even if we didn't originally supply the equipment to your organization. 


Bench testing your portable devices will help provide you with reliable communications and enhanced integration to your existing infrastructure.

Our field technicians can perform site surveys that will allow us to provide you with a detailed analysis of the transmission and reception performance of your current radio system.  Based on that data, we can recommend any changes that may be required in terms of either hardware repairs or upgrades. 


Combined with our antenna design services, we can equip you with the tools and system support you need to ensure clear, reliable voice communications.  

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Connecting Canadians for Over 50 Years!